•  Meet the Artist

Jordan Hutton is a graphic designer and illustrator from Cleveland ,Mississippi. Their work consists of many illustrative elements for thier goal is to create a narrative through all of their work. Their personal style comes from early 2000’s aesthetics with them drawing upon Y2K and early internet culture.

“Wrapped in darkness ,but filled with unbridle compassion. For me the night is my comfort as the moon speaks to me in hushed whispers. May her light shine through these pages and her words meet your lips. “ 

- Jordan Hutton    

Email - jordanhuttondesigns@gmail.com
Instagram - scarletcrows_

Hiya, I am Jordan Hutton. I am a multimedia artist who specializes in graphic design and illustration. Art has been the most influential movement within my life ,and has given me an opportunity to see past many of the hardships I have suffered. 

For the majority of my life, I have felt like art was out of my reach. That I wasn’t born with the ability to bring life to the worlds within my head. College taught me otherwise and gave me the confidence I needed to pursue my ambitions within the field. Now many of my works tell a story whether it is personal or contained to the brand identity itself.
I use my talents to create a cohesive narrative within my work in hopes of giving life to my projects. After these years of study and diligent work, I hope to carve my place amongst this world as a creative. I am truly excited to see what I create from this point forward.